Blogging With Ghost And Known

24 May 2016

Several months ago, I decided to start taking my “digital footprint” a little more seriously. Like most people these days, several parts of my job require me to be active online, and through the projects I work on, I am closely involved with web development and on the periphery of educational technology. I have also been immersed in the work being done around open educational resources and open pedagogy, which rely heavily on using new technology to enhance teaching and learning. The community (or “network”) of open educators includes prolific bloggers and hackers: they use the open web to create, connect, tell stories, and share outside of the “silo” that is the Learning Management System (or the ubiquitous social networks essential to how we experience the web now).

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Words that need to go away: 'snub'

15 January 2016

Twitter’s well-earned reputation as a massive time sink is not without merit. Occassionally, however, you stumble across a thought expressed so succinctly it makes all those hours of passive scrolling worth it.

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Experimentations in Grav CMS

12 December 2015

In the not-so-distance past, when I was growing up and technology was growing with me, we published content to the web by messing around with free internet services. The “content editor” was a plain text box where you put HTML.

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