I’ve figured out an interesting way to update this blog from my desktop. Previously, I would drag markdown files into my GitHub repo in the browser or use GitHub Desktop to push local changes to the remote. Using Atom text editor, though, I can now write, commit, and push markdown files directly to my remote site from the text editor! It’s truly remarkable. I don’t know how to work from the command line but it’s exciting that I can manage a site this way. I love the simplicity of plain text files written in markdown. And now, I can work right in the text editor to write new posts and make changes to old posts. Even better, the content stays consistent between my local computer, the GitHub repo, and this website. This stuff is fun.

28 June 2017

I haven’t posted to my Jekyll blog in a while, but I think I just broke it trying to publish a longer entry. My post excerpts on the main page are now broken. Ugh.

7 June 2017

iOS really needs a mode where you can keep apps active, but hidden. IFTTT is one of the few apps that I need to keep open constantly, but I dislike it being in my system tray.

14 February 2017

A two hour run on Valentine’s Day is an act of self-care, even when you crash and burn on the workout portion.

Jack Daniels’ 2Q marathon plan calls for difficult workouts from the start. Today was 10k easy followed by 2 x 4k at tempo pace. Normally that’s a decent effort, but it’s doable. After a long warmup at a moderate effort, though, the pace puts a lot of stress on your body. Happy to be done with it!

14 February 2017

If anyone is curious, I setup this Jekyll blog without touching the command line by using this repository: Jekyll Now.

And in order to quickly publish microblogs from my iPhone and iPad, I’m using this Workflow: Microblog Post to GitHub.

For longer entries, I expect that I’ll still work from 1Writer and Working Copy, a powerful Git client for iOS.

I wrote about setting up that workflow for a site built with Grav, but the system is basically the same.

14 February 2017

Using some user automation via Workflow, I can quickly post a status update to a Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub Pages. It’s not quite as clean as IFTT’s “Publish to WordPress” applet, but I am seriously considering moving all my content into this system.

13 February 2017

I just want to reiterate how many learning opportunities are available to anyone curious about the web. I’m not a developer or even close to it, yet with some patience, I’ve set up this Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub Pages thanks to the patient and helpful explanations of real developers. Now, with a bit of automation via Workflow, I can send a quick post to my site and have it live immediately without any unnecessary demands on me as a user. A little patience goes a long way.

13 February 2017